Men’s Spiritual Retreat

Malibu, CA | Nov 30th-Dec 3rd 2017

2013 Men's Retreat Group Photo

Men’s Retreat Group Photo

Welcome to the annual Men's Spiritual Retreat in Malibu, hosted by the Positive Meeting of the County Line Area of Narcotics Anonymous.

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Serra Retreat is the ideal location for a weekend retreat to improve our conscious contact with a Loving God and with other men in Narcotics Anonymous.

The weekend is broken up into meetings and workshops with a focus on prayer and meditation, the 12 steps and spiritual principles. Within a group setting our intention will be to improve our spiritual condition as addicts in recovery.

There is also great food and our favorite activity, laughter! Most of our attendees have returned for multiple years. The retreat is a great way for you to do something good for yourself and your recovery.

The weekend retreat has a two or three night option based on availability. There is a per person cost which includes food for the attendees entire stay.

Early registration will be open to all prior attendees. You will be contacted by email from your previous registration. Registration will be open to new attendees at a later date.

Serra Retreat is located at 3401 Serra Road, Malibu CA 90265 on a private road.


Please read carefully

Early registration will open to previous attendees only.

You will be sent an e-mail with a link to register. Early registration will not include a link on the site. The fees will be emailed.

There will only be 55 beds available for the 1st night.

General registration will open to any new applicants after a certain time. We will have a link on the site at this point.

Anyone paying and registering for more than one person will be required to give a first and last name and will be requested to supply an e-mail or phone number. You will not be able to complete the process without at least supplying the complete first and last name or email.

Any early registration for a new person before general registration will not be honored.

For requests for private rooms please use the contact form on the contact page and select "Private Room" as the subject.

Reservations must be exchanged through the Men's retreat trusted servants. Private sales will not be honored. To exchange your reservation please use the contact form and select "Exchanges" as the subject.

Thank you for helping us with the registration process by respecting our needs to have this go smoothly. We are committed to have a fair and open access to the retreat which sells out every year. This is only because you bring a loving and peaceful spirit to the retreat each year.